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Greg WinstonEarly in life Paul McCormick found the ability to achieve financial success by using principle which he outlines in his books, Secrets of the Miracle Inside and Secrets of the Millionaire Inside.  He became owner of a multi million dollar company at age twenty-seven and CEO at twenty-nine. 
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Secrets of the Millionaire Inside is now a National Bestseller!

DECEMBER 10, 2008 - Paul McCormick's newest book, Secrets of the Millionaire Inside surges to the top of the national bestseller list at online retail giant Amazon.com, passing long-time favorites like Robert Kiosaki's Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and Timothy Ferris' The 4 Hour Work Week.
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Learn what other experts and clients have to say about Paul McCormick and his Formula for Millionaires, including some of the many incredible results and actual responses his clients have achieved with his help.
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